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Fully Automatic Hot Forming Machines with 1 Die 2 Blow function

  • Designed for complicated head shapes
  • Complete change over in 10 to 15 min
  • Allows 2 step heating and 2 step forming process

Double axis coil system

The machine is equipped with a 2 axis induction coil system, allowing the coil to move in two ways and clearing the way, when forming with a larger head tool or when using the machine as a one die two blow system. This system is specially used when making socked-head cap screws or Fasteners with a recess.

Re-heating option

Depending on the product and material to be formed, the operator has the option of setting the machine up, with an additional heating step in order to reheat the preformed product before the last forming step takes place

Machine specifications

Machine FMS-03-1D2B FMS-04-1D2B
TONS 50 75
INDUCTION * 12KW -20KW 25KW – 50 KW
DIAMETER 3mm-14mm
.125” – .550”
.550” – 1”
LENGTH ** 20mm-300mm
.750” – 12”
.750” – 12”

* Recommendation  |  ** special length made upon request

Specially designed to hot form the following head configurations:

Fasteners with Socket Cap

Fasteners with Recess

Cutting Tools Countersinks

Fasteners with D-Head

Automotive Parts

Fasteners With Big Heads

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