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Automatic Drilling Machines Type FDM for the drilling of lock-holes of fasteners and other products with various head shapes such as round heads, hex heads, socket cap heads, spline heads and 12 point with and without ange. The machine can drill products made of exotic alloys such as Titanium, Waspaloy, Inconel, Monel, A286, Stainless Steel and other.

The products are fed and separated by a vibrating bowl feeder. Each product, hanging by its head and in a vertical position, will slide down a rail and transfer into the machine. A precision take-over, positioning and clamping device will deliver the product into the drilling position.

The spindle carriage is mounted in a horizontal position and is holding 2 high-speed pneumatic driven drill spindles able to run with 9000 rpm’s.

The carriage is controlled and driven by 2 servo motor, the x-Axis servo is in control to position the spindles for the correct height and the y-axis is allowing a smooth drilling function.

The first pneumatic spindle head is in charge of the centring function, while the second spindle is carrying the drilling tool.

This control allows the high speed withdraw of the drill for cooling and cleaning purpose during the drilling process. This will increase the drill bit lifetime and will assure a more accurate and clean cut.

The precision height adjustment of the drilling device allows the position of the drill axis to also drill holes into the shaft portion of the product.

Technical specifications

Machine Spindle Diameteter Length
FDM-02 Pneumatic 5mm – 10 mm
3/16” – 3/8”
3⁄4” – 4”

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