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Automatic precision Hot Forming machine Type VMs-2d3B

For the manufacturing of nuts, fasteners and other short length products with various shapes such as round heads, hex heads, socket cap heads, spline heads, 12 Point with and without ange gear shapes and many more. The machine can manufacture products made of exotic alloys such as Titanium, Waspaloy, inconel, Duplex, hasteloy, Monel a286, Stainless Steel and other.

Induction heating control system

The VMS-2D3B machine is equipped with the latest induction heating control system that controls the heating temperature on the product by “Pattern” and by “Temperature”. This technology combined with the high speed PLc will assure that every product was heated to the proper temperature and formed within the speci ed material temperature.

Tunnel coil system

The machine is equipped with a Tunnel induction coil system, allowing a stack of blanks to be heated in a

step by step process allowing enough soaking time to heat dif cult materials to the core without overheating on the outside. The heating speed is controlled by heating power and run thru time. The operator can select the desired heating temperature in the VMS- 2D3B menu and once pyrometer system detects the highest heating temperature it will take over the control of the induction unit output via the PLc.

2 die 3 Blow -step Forming process

Depending on the product and material to be formed, the operator has the option of setting the machine up in many different ways. in the basic mode the machine will allow a preform step, and two forming steps. The nal forming step can also be used as a piercing step. The products will be loaded and unloaded by an integrated robot arm with gripper system. This machine system can be delivered with Step-Feeder or with a Bowl-Feeder or with both.

Models and Capacities

Machine model VMS-03-2D3B-100 VMS-04-2D3B-100 VMS-05-2D3B-100
TONS 50 75 100
INDUCTION* 12 KW – 20KW 25 KW – 50KW 40 KW – 60KW
3/16” – 3/8”
M8 – M24
.125” – .550”
M16– M33
.125” – .550”
3/16” – 2”
.750” – 11.000”
.750” – 11.000”

* Recommendation
** special length made upon request

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