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Fully Automatic Hot Forming Machines with 1 Die 1 Blow function

Machine allows the manufacturing of various simple head shapes:

  • Complete change over time within 10 to 15 Minutes
  • Low tooling cost
  • Allows storing and repeatable set up of all production related parameters

Technical specifications

Machine FMS-03-1D1B FMS-04-1D1B FMS-05-1D1B
TONS 40 75 100
INDUCTION 12 Kw 12-25 Kw 25-40 Kw
DIAMETER 3-14 mm 14-25 mm 20-38 mm
Lenght **
200 20-200 mm 20-200 mm
500 20-500 mm 20-500 mm
700 50-750 mm

* Recommendation  |  ** special length made upon request

Specially designed to hot form the following head configurations:

Ejector Pins Punches

Fasteners Hex Heads

Fasteners Double sided stud

Fasteners Hex-Flange

Fasteners 12 Points

Fasteners Simple Heads

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