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Automatic Hot Forming Machine with 1 Die 1 Blow function

Works in a horizontal position and uses a water-cooled rotating Tool-holder to carry 2 Dies, indexing 180 degree for and back. The blanks will be separated in a step feeder and from there they will be transferred into the upper tool, where it will be positioned and measured for accurate length.
Once this process is finished the tool holder and the product will be rotated to the bottom station where a servomotor positions the correct amount of material in the induction-heating coil. After reaching of the heating time and correct temperature, controlled by Spectral Pyrometer, the servo motor will position the material for the forming process and a hydraulic cylinder will be activated to form the product in the closed die system.
The AFM is designed and suited to manufacture products with long shafts.


Technical specifications

Machine AFM-1D1B
TONS 40t
INDUCTION * 12-25 Kw
DIAMETER 3-20 mm
LENGTH ** 100-1000mm

* Recommendation  |  ** special length made upon request

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